Using a trailer for your smart fortwo may prove to be easier with a specially designed unit just for the smart…

Trailer designed for a purposeTraditional trailers have axles to far back on the trailer bed. This is typical and works for towing a majority of things However, the smart is a rear engine vehicle with more than half f the weight in the rear.

There are new options for the “fortwo”. There are American companies who see the need for a niche trailer . Being designed to be loaded from the front. They are constructed for convenience and specifically for your fortwo’s specific size. This will afford you the certainty that your smart is transported safely and legally with a dedicated trailer.

Planning long or frequent trips on a trailer? Then consider keeping your fortwo protected, weather, dust, stones or other road debris are a big problem, having a smart fortwo trailer may very well be your best solution.

A specially smart car trailer may be costly, but is an excellent idea to have the use of your “little beauty” when traveling in your RV or Motorhome… Within minutes after pulling into an RV Park or Camp-site you can be unhitched and driving your smart for two.

Every mile on the fortwo trailer means your smart (or other Micro-car) is not experiencing normal vehicle use. the other options like towing a smart in a flat tow configuration or a two-wheeled dolly still can cause wear and tear on tires, axles, joints,bearings, which is added expenses in the future.

Trailer prices vary greatly…  check online and local manufactures, depending on your needs, options can reach $4,000+.

All things considered, a smart car trailer is clearly the way to go when expanding your quick-trip or sight-seeing opportunities for when you get where your going.

With a custom or near-custom trailer opens up the ability to build-in unique features… extra storage for camping and recreational toys.

The trailer may need mechanical or electric brakes… standard, it should have,  quality construction, safety/repair tools, premium tires, and for sure, a front jack and safety chains.

Please remember… when towing your smart fortwo behind a Motorhome or another vehicle, it is critical to be sure the load is balanced and your trailer and tow vehicle are in the best-operating condition.