Smart Cars were designed as personal transportation… you and whatever would fit inside… Many smart… smart car owners are thinking outside the box… With reason and moderation in mind, towing a trailer with their smart car can be done safely… similar to motorcycle trailers…

Recently created  product innovations are attempting  to fill the desires of consumers in this rapidly expanding market.

small trailer for smart-micro or motorcycleThe smart car itself is not very large… so attempting to tow anything larger or heavier is not only not recommended, but dangerous.

Quick… spur-of the-moment excursions make life exciting and fun… Just using the smart to get to a Holiday Resort or to see family or friends is great, but what about your “Stuff”.

There are trailers designed to be towed behind Motorcycles. These trailers were designed for two or three-wheeled vehicles so the smart has four wheels, just remember too much weight is the issue.

One very popular trailer option is the cozy Pop-up-Tent trailer and it weighs a just 350 lbs, with a  tongue weight under 25 lbs.

The Brand…”Time Out” Camper sets up in minutes and offers a surprising amount of interior room. The center height of this tent is 80-inchesl, room enough for standing, moving about and changing clothes. When wanting to sleep, the bed is an air mattress that’s is about the size of a standard queen.

smart trailer with conopySpecialty providers now offer tiny utility and advertising trailers that can be safely towed behind the smart and take your business message directly to prospective customers, getting their attention with brilliant lights, colors and active motion features.

Smart car designed cargo trailers… market demands have manufactures looking to satisfy a growing need to haul lite-weight objects, safely . Some designs provide ample storage space with custom shapes, options like color matching, pin striping and graphics… personalization is only limited to your imagination.

When thinking of a smart fortwo cargo trailer, ask… are they affordable, lightweight, and possibly aerodynamic…

All the smart trailer we are aware of weigh less than 500 pounds and may be towed by the smart with very little effort.

Looking for a cost efficient and versatile method for marketing your business or products. These smart car connecting advertising trailers have a convenient  rear entry door… add attention grabbers with bright/ flashing LED lights, and music, and the normal smart car attention factor just went up dramatically .

Hard-side panels expand your advertising platform. Then the Smart trailer can be fitted with Flat-screen monitors, a PA system for menu and product information all around..

smart connecting tentIn Austin, TX a smart car has been custom outfitted with a unique trailer and is the world’s smartest food concession.

The dream for this particular smart entrepreneur is to have food sales for a lunch period each day at one location, then move to another location for an early dinner.

Creative designs include food warmers, refrigeration and fresh water/beverages all in a attractive tent into Smart fortwo trailers.

The Business/ Advertising game is… Get noticed… Be understood… Get action… Be smart… these cars have been turning heads since they showed up on the scene.