It is not rocket science in today’s worlds of the fuel pump price to be responsible and see where you can alter your gas mileage ststrategies to make your tank of fuel stretch to the next fill up.

First, observe the speed limit. You will find that if you observe those signs along the side of the highway, you will save fuel. Each car is built includes a fuel economy setting of around town or highway. Obeying those signs will help. The signs keep you safe and remember there is a factor of 5 miles per hour over 60 mile per hour will cost you about .31 cents a gallon more. All of us are guilty of going over the speed limit but it is counterproductive anyway you look at it.

Second, drive with some sensibility. If you are using an aggressive style of driving including constant breaking, rapid acceleration because you’re trying to get to your destination fast, or just being reckless, you will waste gas. You would be surprised if you try driving at a sensible speed and deploy good driving tactics how it will reflect on your gas consumption.

Third, you carry around a trunk load of junk? Are you carrying extra weight in your car? It is amazing if you open your trunk or hatch, you just might find that missing item. Clear all unnecessary items and reducing total weight carried will reduce your gas use by about two percent. In smaller autos, you will be even more fuel-efficient.

Fourth, idling for long period of times will expend gas. There are times we are sitting in traffic idling when the best course of action would be to turn the car off. There have been instances where people have sat idling and you lose about ½ gallon. If it is very warm and the A/C is churning, you may want to make a choice between saving gas and wilting in the car.

Fifth, keep your car maintenance up is important. Keep your tune up going and regular change of oil filters including tires that are properly rotated and inflated will give you a boost for the pump. Check your owner’s manual for recommended maintenance and tire pressure levels. The manual is for your benefit so read it. Your manual will also advise you to the recommended motor oil grade to use. All of these simple things are to your advantage.

Sixth, if you are traveling to work a distance and your mileage racks up fast, it could be to your advantage to look at your car and consider perhaps trading in on a hybrid model. Many people made a transition several years ago and with the recent high gas costs, more and more people are thinking of economy to run the vehicle and avoiding the looks or options. Sometimes it pays to make that change and give up your status symbol.