Smart Car… flat tow…

As a RV or Motorhome owner you will a few options and alot of advice from everyone as to what is the best way to tow something. let’s look at the smart car towing option of “all four down” with a tow bar connected. this is a simple and effective way to hook-up and go… but there are something to consider first.

smart towingThe most important factor that you will need to consider is the weight of whatever you are towing does not exceed the manufactures weight allowance for your brand of RV or Motorhome you have.

Given the small/ lite-weight smart fortwo…it is usually not a problem. If you are towing a smart car using a car, truck or SUV, the same rules apply… check towing guidelines of each vehicle used for towing.

Now satisfied that your using towing proper procedures, whats unique to smart car towing. Tow-bar for smart car

Smart are by design… Very-compact, light and straight-forward drive trains… smart cars may be towed flat… that is, they can be towed with all four wheels on the ground.

Motorhome and RV manufactures, even the small Class B types, recommend smart cars over other compact or standard cars for towing and have tow-bar kits and bracket for smart cars.

There are “do-it-yourself’ tow kits designed for each type of vehicle… but it is strongly recommend having yours professionally installed. This is a very typical “add-on” for most dealers… they should everything needed, including the correct tow bar.

The same rules apply as with Dolly tows…remember you can not back-up when towing youir smart car this way.

If you are flat towing your smart fortwo over extended distances, take notice of the following recommendations:

Before towing your smart car, follow all these simple instructions in this order:

  • Engage the parking brake.
  • Be sure the ignition is switched to the “on position”.
  • Step on the brake pedal and keep it pressed.
  • Shift into the neutral position … N.
  • Release the brake pedal.
  • Turn off the ignition.
  • Leave the key in the “Starter switch”.
  • Wait … until the “Multifunction” display in the instrument gauges is totally blank.
  • Release the Parking brake.
  • Remove the key from the ignition.
  • Make sure the gear selector remains in its neutral position “N” – with the ignition turned to the off.
  • Attention!!! Do not flat tow the vehicle with the front axle elevated….this may cause severe damage to the brake system, and is not covered by the Smart Limited Warranty.Make sure you have a spare key…

After the tow and you want to use your smart car:

  • Please remember to have a Spare key…
  • When leaving the key in the ignition and turned on may result in the smart locking the doors. Your vehicle will lock if the wheels are turning at speeds of approximately 10 MPH
  • Step on Brake pedal and keep depressed.
  • Shift back in Park.
  • Unhook the tow-bar from the tow vehicle and you smart car.
  • Start and use your smart car as normal.
  •  Always read about towing your smart fortwo using whatever method your using..