There are available Towing Products And Towing Accessories options in the hundreds… however the smart may only use but a few…

Golf accessories for trailer hitchAnyone looking to take the extra necessities and toys will need to limit the hauling based on the tow vehicle you have first and what the capabilities are.

The bigger the Rig… the more stuff you can consider taking along.

Basically a vehicle is driven with some special designed trailer or 5th wheel following behind.

The smart car has a narrow field of choices, some are not towing at all, but attachments that fit onto the Hitch itself.

Please remember the bulk of the weight on a smart car is already in the rear, the passengers weight helps to balance the overall weight distribution for a smart to handle well.

If any towing accessories or trailers are added to your smart, do not forget the rear visibility and lighting. Tow your Ski's The same is true of the smart’s turning signals… make your turning and lane changing intentions known. Add a lighting hitch… then you can to quickly connect and disconnect the extra lights so that you cannot be missed when other motorists are approaching from the rear. All should be able to controlled by the driver.

What are your smart car towing or hauling needs?…. ask the question…is this going to be a frequent activity or something you’ll do very seldom. The smart community fells the universal receiver is needed most.

The universal hitch can be quickly changed so that any accessory needed is available without bolting more equipment to the vehicle. So this is the best option for anyone planing on doing some towing because it allows so many options in a matter of minutes.

Hauling basket for thr trailer hitch

Keep in mind the smart car was never designed to tow things… but make an excellent candidate to-be towed behind an RV= Motorhome =SUV or Pick-up.

Small… personal belongings trailers made for this smart and Micro cars are built to both handle the weight and to protect the vehicle being towed from damage.

Some of the Hitch-attached accessories seen here are the obvious solution for the smart’s… out-side-the-box thinking owner. .

Please always check with the Dealers and professionals for their guidance to fulfilling your extra hauling needs.

There are countless options made by many qualified companies, each has their own uses and some have functions specific to Sporting and recreational activities Discussing your wants and needs with family and friends will make this whole process easier.