Towing a smart car using a Dolly…

First… please check with the smart Dealership to see if using a  tow dolly to tow your smart car is the proper thing to do.

Second… make sure the tow Dollies hitch ball is at the correct height.

Third…  hook up the tow dolly to the towing vehicle before loading the smart car your towing.

Two wheel smart tow dollyExtremely important…, your smart fortwo should definitely be facing forward when towing.

The smart community is not convinced a tow dolly is the ideal way for towing your smart fortwo.

Tow Dollies may have their own braking system, a great safety issue when using your RV or Motorhome.

Let’s look at the hitching procedure…  the dolly must first be attached to the RV.  When secure… hook up trailer lights and brake connections, then the car can be driven onto the dolly.

Finally… secure the front wheels with Tie-down straps for a tight fit to the tow Dolly.

Remember, before you purchase a toe Dolly… with the smart car loaded…  you definitely, cannot back up…

With four wheels trailing, you cannot control the direction of the Dolly… very serious damage can be done to RV/Motorhome, Dolly and smart car… If you find yourself in situation that requires changing direction… simply disconnect the Dolly… move the RV and reattach.

Try to avoid ruff terrain, Dollies are not trailers and can be knocked out of alignment which is dangerous, also when towing an empty dolly, it can feel “loose” when driving, so slow down.

Please be aware that safety cables, lights and signals are required for any towed vehicle. Safety is foremost to insure a happy Holiday trip.2 wheeled smart tow Dolly

To look at the whole picture… Insurance? are you covered for this activity, or do you need a “additional Rider”,

Camping areas vary greatly, remember maneuvering options

Overall smart car vehicle ware, transmission, drive train and tires may increase.

Please check the the laws in all States you will be traveling in to be sure this tow Dolly is legal there, not just your home State.

As stated earlier… the smart car community sees to many drawbacks for this method of towing to recommend it… custom trailers may be  your best choice…