Towing And Trailer Safety with your RV or Motorhome…

Seasoned traveler or new to Recreational Vehicle activities… considering what is at stake, your family, friends, pets and toys… SAFETY… is the key. without being and feeling safe when you travel, buy a Bowling ball or Bat-mitten set.

Proper procedure for RV and Motorhome towing… regardless of what your hauling, trailer safety is one of the most important components to safe travel. Old hand or new to towing, there are some basic things you should know that will make it better for all of us on the road.

Be responsible while towingJust like Airline pilots… Before starting or continuing onto to your next destination go a thorough a routine safety inspection. Be sure that all the components like tow balls, pins, safety clips, and chains are all working order, tight, secure, and in place. Assuming all-is-good… is NOT GOOD…

Each trailer may have slight variations on how it is connected to the  hitch. Most of us a familiar with the conventional trailer…it has a ball, in assorted sizes, make sure you use the correct size for the hitch-receiver… this will prevent a sudden disconnect, leaving only the chains to keep you from a catastrophe.

There are also options to minimize trailer swaying… ask a professional if this would be a good add-on for you.

Many pieces make up a towWeight… many-many factors here to consider… The Tow Vehicle itself… what is it, Car, Pick-up,RV or Motorhome… Each has its own strengths and limitations… you will need to know them before you can proceed.  When you understand tow capacities and the engine power capabilities then you may choose the right size boat, trailer, frame hitch assembly, Dolly or simple Tow Bar.

Also… where are you planning to travel… if there are mountains or steep grades can you maneuver at speed without slowing to a crawl or completely stalling out?

Fifth-wheel trailers are more reliable and stable than conventional trailers. This will require a large Pick-up truck, possibly what they call a :Dually”, a Rig that has 4 wheels in the rear… tow on each side.  A special hitch designed for that model truck , bolted to the frame, sits in the bed of the truck and adds to the total weight, but moves the center of gravity over the rear wheels instead of a typical Bumper location pulling method.

see whats behind you when towing
Larger Motorhomes and RV’s are capable, with the right power-plant, of towing another trailer or vehicle. Having a car available when you arrive, makes it easier to visit the entire area and get necessities like food, etc…

In every State… the Safety laws do not allow people to ride inside of conventional trailers, while being towed.

Some States do allow people to ride in a fifth-wheel trailer provided there are multiple exits that can be accessed from inside and out and. there must be communication with the tow driver at all times.

Let’s sum-up… choose wisely when selecting the tow vehicle, the match the trailer to be within the safe weight limits. If your choice and budget allow for an RV or Motorhome, consider the power-plant and amount of “Stuff” your planning on taking.

Be patient… you can zip in and out of traffic in your smart car, but when traveling with any type of recreational tow package, your in unfamiliar territory,  You don’ drive you RV everyday and unless your a commercial truck driver, your not hauling anything each day   Remember….  allow for extra time and space when passing other vehicles and when entering or exiting  the Highway.

Surprises should be the Happy- kind… getting to where you want to go should happen as SAFELY planned…

The smartfortow Team