Congratulations… you are a proud owner of a smart car, it may be used or new but the attention it brings is still there.

Buzzing around town is definitely fun, but a long distance trip is not in the smart cars “wheelhouse”, so to speak…

So… What are some options to taking our “Little friend” on a road trip…smart comes along

Some of the newest Motorhomes and recreation vehicle offerings, including those from popular RV companies like Fleetwood and Pleasure Way. All the companies are trying to “out-do” themselves so look around, or go to a RV trade show to see which one is the best fit for your family.

With all the new technology and Finishes, RV’s and Motorhomes are as luxurious as a typical house and with all the amenities of your own home.

New thinking has produced features and choices like a variety of versatile floor plans, make them truly a Home-away-from-Home.

Fleetwood, a true high-end Brand takes pride in manufacturing elegant Motorhomes that combine beauty, comfort with a tradition of reliability and quality performance. Again the variety and customization that can be built into these new pleasure palaces is astounding.

In addition to the endless number of amenities like full kitchens, bathrooms, which have revolutionized the term “Camping”, the Top Brands are environmentally safe. The new Motorhomes & RV’s provide incredible fuel efficiency and incorporates, clean diesel emission technology. Combine these features and the result is to help travelers save money on Fuel… certainly one of the largest expenses.

Looking at this set-up, pictured below, this smart owner has a 5th wheel setup, giving reliable “Good-Feel” towing for  all the toys. Some models have “bump-outs” to expand living and dining spaces. Add to that… “Screen enclosures” and your ready for the family to totally relax and build memories.

High-qualty 5th wheel RV optionsEnjoying the great “Outside” is point, but common pleasures like satellite TV and video games have there devotees.

Great option for some families is allowing the kids their own space… This leaves the parents a guilt-free way to do their thing, so everyone feels like they have a true personal vacation.

Let’s not forget the entertainment center, with “State-of-the-Art sound system, with full range speakers for a truly great experience while on the road.

These vehicles also may have diesel engines and the fuel economy that they bring, allowing for quiet generators to power-up all your stuff.

The reward for hard work and smart decisions is the ability to travel in comfort while seeing this great country with your loved-ones. Given the World unrest in the News each day, it’s important to realize the quality of life we have.

Smart owners are smart shoppers… find the one Camping vehicle that fits you to a Tee and is equipped with all the trappings of great outdoor entertainment experience.

So whether you take your smart car stowed inside the RV or Motorhome…or you decide on one of the towing options. get out there, see something new and strengthen those family ties and build lasting memories…