Most Common Towing Options For Your Smart Fortwo…

Simple smart car tow optionThe smart car is the smart choice for recreational vehicle owners. Most cars are able to be towed, but the smart car has advantages because of its size and weight. The ability to have readily available transportation when you get to your destination enables you to shop and check-out local attractions.

When your RV or Motorhome is parked at your destination, that is your home-base, so the smart car is your link to the new neighborhood.

Let’s explore the different ways to tow your smart car… One…  you can tow, by what is known as flat towing, using a tow-bar. All four wheels are “down” on the road, behind your recreational vehicle. This is the least expensive of all the forms of towing except for storing your smart inside your Motorhome or 5th Wheel RV.

Beside the low-cost of a simple Tow-Bar, this adds the least amount of weight to the whole recreational package. Add in the fuel savings, “always a big issue”, and the fastest way to “disconnect” when you get where your going and you’ll understand this is far-and-away the best tow dolly

Second… to tow your smart car behind your RV, is towing with a Car Dolly. Like the picture here… your smart car has 2 wheels strapped to the trailer Dolly and the rear wheels on the road behind your RV or Motorhome.

This option is not for everone… check the owners manual and dealer to see about “Drive-train” ware. Also trailer brakes and lights with signals are a must for safety and ease-of-mind.

Third… drive your smart car onto a flatbed trailer. Now it is like  pulling any standard trailer or Boat… if you have experience towing a Boat you may now have limited “Backing-up” capabilities.

smart full custome trailerIf this is in the budget… using this type of towing equipment is very safe and any ware is to the trailer not your baby= the smart  Please purchase a  trailer with brakes, which will allow you to have complete control. Finally you have the option of selling the trailer separately if the need for towing is not needed.

Towing options vary with each families needs… Safety first. Don’t brake the Bank, and remember this a vacation…. the idea is to have fun, and not add stress and work to your outing.

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