Smart Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Many of these questions are among the most frequently asked, but if you have any sort of interest or concern not addressed here, please let us know.

Why is a special trailer required to tow my smart?

Typical trailers have their axles centered on bed of the trailer. Because the fortwo has its engine mounted in the rear of the car, the rear axle carries 50% of the weight of the vehicle. As a result, we mount the Smart Trailer USA axle to handle the maximum load. The Smart Trailer USA is the only trailer manufactured in the US that is specifically designed for the smart!

Do I really need a trailer to transport the smart? Can’t I use a towbar or dolly?

Certainly, but using a towbar requires an expensive connection between your RV and car. Additionally, you cannot back up your RV while having a car in tow.

How about using a tow-dolly?

A tow-dolly would only tie down the front wheels of the car and would drag the rear.



What sort of maintenance is necessary for a smart trailer?

Examine the lug nuts after every 100 miles. Afterward, simply have your RV or truck dealer lubricate the fittings and check the bearings whenever you take your motorhome in for routine or scheduled maintenance.

Are brakes required on smart trailer?

Numerous states require brakes. All our trailers come with electric brakes as standard equipment. Optionally available hydraulic brakes can also be installed on the Smart Trailer USA.

Electric brakes have to have an on-board brake controller inside the cab of your motorhome. Hydraulic brakes employ a surge actuator system that does not require a controller, but they are more expensive.

Is it difficult to move the Smart Trailer USA?

For the majority of people – No. However, in the event you are not able to do it, we can put a wheel on the tongue jack instead of a flat foot. This is an option you can choose whenever you configure the Smart Trailer USA.

Are special straps necessary to secure my smart car?

Smart-Trailers can provide heavy duty ratchet straps with hooks on both ends. These straps consist of a soft eye “choker” that pulls across the face of the wheel and allows the body of the strap to form a tight cradle around each wheel. Highly recommended!

Am I allowed to use a Towing A-Frame instead of a trailer? Is this legal?

Yes, of course you can. Please visit brand where current legal positions are thoroughly explained.