Towing a smart fortwo – It is no secret that towing your smart car behind your RV or motorhome has become a great American pastime. After all, the smart has become akin to separating Linus from his blanket. Your smart car simply has that kind of knack for becoming another member of the family.

But let’s be careful – towing your smart fortwo is a serious undertaking. It is crucial that you be well-equipped, both in equipment and mindset.

You need to study and make sure you have the right gear, and that your towing vehicle is also up to the task.

So apply the old Boy Scouts of America motto: Be Prepared!

Treat your responsibilities as a tow vehicle driver seriously. Learn all you can about towing your smart safely – with care and the proper equipment.

Contrary to what many of our fellow Americans believe, we didn’t invent the idea of towing the smart car, and it isn’t a new notion. Thrifty, gas-conscious Europeans have made it their top choice as part of the recreational vehicle industry in Europe for over a decade.

Many Europeans that own a motor home or RV instantly fell in love with the size, weight and cost of not only the smart car, but the available trailers too.

Travelers in Europe wanted a small, lightweight and dependable car to easily tow behind their motorhomes. They also wanted a vehicle that could quickly be detached and placed into action.

Entire the smart fortwo – center stage!

After all, having fun is best when it is done quickly and often as a “spur-of-the-moment activity.

The smart was created for just such a purpose. If ever there was a vehicle tailor-made for having uncomplicated fun – the smart is that car.

When the smart was launched in the US in 2008, the combination of the smart fortwo and a trailer towed behind a motorhome or RV nearly instantly became an everyday occurrence in the RV world.

For many American motorhome and RV owners, having some kind of car in tow behind their fuel-gobbling motorhomes wasn’t optional – it was a requirement.

As recent happenings in the US illustrate, the smart fortwo has become the “must-have” accessory – second only to the choice and purchase of their RVs.

Now the focus has turned to the demand by RV owners to be able to tow the fortwo safely and efficiently. This has brought about production of numerous unique smart car trailers. These trailers are almost entirely specific to the smart and are designed exclusively to carry the smart car securely and properly.

There are basically 3 choices when towing your smart car: