Towing your Smart fortwo -One of the great America dreams is to travel by Motor-home across this great country… as a Smart car owner you really want to take your beloved Smart with you… after all… it is part of the Family…

Let’s see how you may do this safely – towing your smart fortwo is a serious matter. It is essential that you have the proper knowledge and equipment to have a pleasurable trip.

Exceeding the rated or stated capacity of your vehicle may damage vital components, like its transmission, engine, wheel bearings, rear axle, and brakes. In most case this will void any warranties not to mention an unsafe situation while driving. Checking the owners manual of your vehicle is a good idea to assure you what the manufacturer’s rated capacity for towing is.

Towing your boat or trailer is easy and safe if the vehicle that you will be using is able to tow that weight. The vehicle that is used for towing must have the structure to tow, typically, electric or gas hybrid cars are a poor choice when towing.

The proper hitch is also a main consideration in towing. Hitches are rated in relation to the tongue weight and load weight capacity. Gross Trailer Weight is the combined load weight, while the downward force exerted on the Hitch Ball is referred to the tongue weight. Towing center’s near you can also help identify the correct hitch for your vehicles.